Faced with greater competition and limited resources, only companies with innovative and progressive sourcing strategies will be well placed to secure their raw materials and products in the future.

Climate Change has become an integral component of ethical sourcing and sustainable supply chains, particularly in agriculture which accounts for over 12% of Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions. We advise businesses on the use of market incentives such as Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) and how to integrate these at the core of new leading edge sustainable products. As an example of how this can be done, we created Source Climate Change Coffee. The product takes a holistic approach to sustainability from the farm to the consumer and its campaigning objective is to educate consumers on climate change and deforestation.

  • Source Climate Change Coffee is the first coffee in the UK with its own carbon credit number providing 100% traceability to the communities where the coffee is grown.
    Each bag & tin has a unique tracking number to show the farmers’ on-going conservation efforts at the cloud forest of origin. For every bag sold, local farmers plant trees to support the forest and their families.
  • The coffee allows customers to do their bit to address climate change. The footprint of Source coffee is calculated from the farm to the final packaged product. With each 227g bag customers buy 1kg of carbon and with each tin 6 kg of carbon to offset the total footprint of the coffee.
  • Each small batch of Source is hand roasted on an eco “Smart Roaster”, where the usage of gas as a heat source is greatly reduced by re-circulating the heat created in a highly insulated environment.
  • The coffee in available in tins that are made to last, so that we can encourage customers to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by buying refills on line or in the retail outlet for the best tasting, freshest coffee.
  • The marketing campaign differentiates the coffee from others, by campaigning on climate change, deforestation and farmers conservation efforts.