Since the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act, we have created a cross-functional team of researchers, ethical trade experts, social auditors and business advisers to help businesses identify and address modern slavery risks in their supply chains.

Part of our early work with a major supermarket was used to help formulate the Government’s advice to companies on best practice and we believe that addressing the requirements of the Act is very much a practical issue.

Our approach is based on identifying the highest risk suppliers/operations and dealing with these first. To this end we will:

  • analyse the location of your suppliers/operations and rank their risk in relation to the Global Slavery Index;
  • undertake an English and local language web search for evidence of any indicators of modern slavery specifically with that supplier/operation, or in the local area or in the industry in which they operate; and
  • undertake site visits to suppliers/operations to actively search for any modern slavery issues, and, where relevant, to identify local organisations who may be able to support remediation.

Where we do find evidence of modern slavery, we will work with you to identify the most appropriate means of dealing with the issue.