Source Sustainable has developed partnerships with an extensive network of leading international human rights, conservation and environmental organisations, and we use a multi-stakeholder approach to address issues in business supply chains. Below is an example of our work with NGOs, brands and businesses.

Growing a Restorative Supply Chain for Chocolate from Virunga, North Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with Original Beans Chocolate and the Lorna Young Foundation.

North Kivu is home to the second largest tract of rainforest after the Amazon, a listed biodiversity hotspot and World heritage site. However, the forest is fast disappearing due to the mass displacement of refugees, regional conflict and the need for fuel, food and land. Over 70% of people in the region live in extreme poverty and rely on subsistence farming for their survival.

This Dfid – FRICH project in North Kivu, aimed to establish the region as an origin of high quality organic gourmet cocoa and to develop the supply chain for Virunga Grand Cru as a gourmet chocolate for Original Beans. The project specifically targeted 10,000 female cocoa smallholders to create an eco-positive chocolate, address deforestation by promoting cocoa as an agroforestry crop and to deliver poverty reduction through higher premiums linked to the production of quality cocoa. The project included:

a) the setting up of cocoa and shade tree nurseries,
b) the delivery of agricultural extension services, and;
c) agricultural training and technical support to a targeted audience of cocoa farmers in the region, using agricultural extension radio, SMS and multi-stakeholder platforms.