Training on social responsibility with a horticultural twist

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In an increasingly global economy, ACP producers and exporters have to continually adapt to new challenges and pressures in order to maintain their foothold in the marketplace. In recent years growing concern with climate change has focused attention on food miles; some EU retailers label air freighted produce, and promote “buy local” campaigns. EU consumers have also become concerned about the social impact of the goods they buy, and some retailer brands are going beyond quality messages on their labels to include also information about fair/ethical/sustainable trade. The “sustainability standards” arena is moving at a fast pace and can be overwhelming. To the point that sometimes the people ‘in charge’ have difficulty knowing how to put their values into practice.

Source Sustainable has been working with COLEACP –PIP to ensure that the skills are embedded in country to effectively deliver support to companies and to guide them through the sustainability questions that are relevant to them.

Social responsibility concerns all types of organisations, not just commercial enterprises, and has the ultimate objective of contributing to sustainable development. This very practical training course will help businesses (especially in horticulture) to look at the impact of their decisions and design activities and approaches that include all stakeholders from their employees to their customers and the communities where they operate.

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