Source Sustainable can provide training on all of the areas in which its expertise lies. We can provide training courses and materials in multiple languages that are tailored to meet specific organisational needs. These typically fall within one of three categories:

  • Training courses for a specific group, such as a buying team or technical department;
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ courses to facilitate broader dispersion of the subject matter; and
  • Development of training manuals for distribution amongst a wider audience.

Examples of some of the training we have provided include:

Technical teams, buyers and company workshops

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2 day training workshops on ‘Ethical trade standards’ identifying and remediating labour and human rights issues with suppliers.

1 day training workshop on ‘What’s in a social audit?’ building the capacity of horticultural technical teams to conduct supplier checks on farms.

1 day training workshop on ‘How to develop an ethical business’ designed to support young people and the long term unemployed to set up their own ethical and sustainable entrepreneurial ventures.

Train the Trainer

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6 day course in English and French on ‘Social Responsibility’ and ISO 26000 delivered in Kenya to experts from across East Africa, and in the Ivory Coast to experts from across West Africa.

6 day course in French on ‘Ethical trade in horticulture’ delivered in the Ivory Coast to agricultural experts from across West Africa.

3 day course in French and English on ‘Labour standards, optimising human resources and market opportunities’ Designed for horticultural companies in Senegal.

2 day course on ‘Sustainability, agro-ecology, crop intensification and climate change adaptation’ designed for horticultural experts from East and West Africa.


Training Modules

Source Sustainable provided COLEACP, a membership group of producers, distributors and exporters, representing 85% of horticultural produce destined for EU markets, with an updated edition of its Ethical Production Training Manual – Module 11. The module is designed to support distance learning for horticultural experts and agricultural consultants in developing countries and provides them with a perspective on the regulatory, commercial and ethical requirements of the EU market